Sample Space Sizes

These are approximate storage space suggestions.

Please contact the store nearest you for more information on available space sizes and expert advice on the best size for your needs.

5′ X 5′
Small furniture, boxes, seasonal items, business records, Sales Rep. materials.

5′ X 10′
Approximately one to one and one-half rooms of furniture. Lots of boxes. Sales Rep. materials, business records, seasonal items.

10′ X 10′
Approximately two to three rooms of furniture and boxes. Office furniture, file cabinets.

10′ X 15′
Approximately three to four rooms of furniture. Boxes, commercial storage, inventory. Small sports car.

10′ X 20′
One car garage size. Five to six rooms of furniture. Commercial storage and overstock items. Small car or boat.

10′ X 25′
Six to eight rooms of furniture. Mid size car or boat.

10′ X 30′
Full house, plus! Ideal for keeping that classic car or new boat under lock & key. Perfect for commercial, business, or inventory storage.